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Frontline Real Estate Partners, LLC is a Chicago-based real estate investment and advisory company with expertise in the acquisition, management, disposition, and leasing of commercial real estate properties throughout the United States.

Josh is one of the Founders and Principals of Frontline Real Estate Partners. Josh is responsible for sourcing acquisition and advisory opportunities, deal-making, and managing Frontline’s team of real estate brokers. Josh is involved in the sourcing, execution, and structuring of Frontline’s acquisitions.

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"Real estate investor closes $9.4 million deal for undeveloped lot on Lower Broadway" 


One of the two remaining undeveloped lots on Lower Broadway has plans for a multi-story music and entertainment development in its future.

Nashville-based Big Plan Holdings announced the purchase of the property this week, paying $9.4 million for the lot located between Merchants restaurant and Nudie's Honky Tonk at 405 Broadway. The property has remained undeveloped for at least three decades, serving as a parking lot.

Josh Joseph, Founder and CEO of Big Plan Holdings and commercial real estate developer of 23 years, said the purchase was a "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity" that he couldn't miss, even in the midst of a pandemic that continues to rock the Nashville tourism industry. 

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405 Broadway

Nashville, TN

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A wholly-owned subsidiary of Big Plan Holdings acquired a single tenant long-term leased location to Windy City Cannabis in Macomb, Illinois.  The Macomb property is strategically situated in the downtown district of Macomb and within two miles from the campus of Western Illinois University.  Windy City Cannabis is a leading cannabis operator throughout the State of Illinois; therefore, the investment provides for an extremely healthy return on investment.  Big Plan Holdings' acquisition has continued their push in the cannabis space stemming from Josh Joseph’s time spent as a Co-Founder of Grassroots Cannabis which was sold to Cuarleaf in 2020.

Single Tenant Net Leased Cannabis Dispensary - Macomb, IL

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