September 1, 2023
With Big Plans in Mind, Josh Joseph and His Family Are Changing the Industries You Interact With Daily

At 35 years old, Josh Joseph hit a pivotal point in his career: He could either take a chance on himself as an entrepreneur or find an opportunity that would offer stability and security. Unsure what to do, he called his dad, who owned his own accounting firm, for advice.

If I could do one thing differently, I’d believe in myself earlier, his dad said. Invest in your talents, trust yourself and your family, and take the risk.

Up until that point, Joseph had been working in the real estate industry, building a career that he had been dedicating his life to for nearly 15 years. Starting out at his cousin’s small law firm, Joseph did legal clerking work to get a look into the life of a lawyer and decide whether he wanted to pursue law school. In less than a year, it became clear that law school wasn’t the right move but, fortunately, that same cousin had a commercial real estate business and gave Joseph the chance to try his hand at something other than legal work.

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