August 8, 2023
"The Big Plan": Diversifying Nashville's Entertainment Scene

With an eye for innovation and heart for community, Big Plan Holdings sets the stage for a creative revolution in Nashville.The visionaries behind the brand are none other than Josh and Tara Joseph. Together, this dynamic duo is using their entrepreneurial acumen to redefine Music City's vibrant scene, introducing unique venues that blend local artistry, high-profile celebrity partnerships, and an atmosphere that personifies Nashville's distinct rhythm.

Detailing their journey on "The Big Plan" podcast, Josh and Tara offer an unprecedented look into their world. With a lens focused on entrepreneurial innovation and entertainment, they provide an exclusive backstage pass into the creation of their celebrity-partnered bar and restaurants. "We aim for more than just narration. Our podcast is an invitation into our ambition-filled world," says Josh, "From the nitty gritty of brand-building to our interaction with Nashville’s galvanized community, we paint a full picture of an exhilarating entertainment landscape."

"Step into one of our venues to experience Nashville in its true essence,"asserts Tara, "Beyond infrastructure, we’ve designed spaces that stimulate creativity and entrepreneurial spirit." As the rollercoaster journey continues on "The Big Plan” podcast, listeners can anticipate exclusive updates and secrets of their celebrity-partnered ventures. It’s more than just having your ears on, it’s an expedition into the heart of Nashville's thriving cultural and entrepreneurial sphere. With Big Plan Holdings, you're part of the narrative. This part of Nashville where innovation and entertainment intersect, and the city’s essence comes alive.

About 'The Big Plan' Podcast:
Hosted by Josh and Tara Joseph, 'The Big Plan' Podcast provides a unique mix of entrepreneurial lessons, success stories, and a peek into overcoming business challenges. Its goal is to inspire and educate listeners while fostering an innovative and proactive community. Listen on your favorite streaming platform or visit:

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