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October 11, 2022
Small Town Values And Multimillion-Dollar Exits: Big Plans For Cannabis In Tennessee

Most entrepreneurs I know would jump for joy if they started a company that went on to realize an $850 million exit. For those of us in the cannabis business, this is the stuff dreams are made of. In admiration and some degree of envy, I spoke with Grassroots Cannabis founders Josh and Tara Joseph to learn about their journey through business, cannabis, exits, and into their newest ventures.

I’m always impressed when immensely successful people give back to others and mentor the next wave of entrepreneurs who’ll go on to enjoy their own robust exits. When I sat down with Josh and Tara, I was struck by their commitment to family and their small town-values approach to business and philanthropy. It can inspire us all to embrace our own values and allow us to drive our ventures to massive success.

The article continues on Forbes here.

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