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September 22, 2023
Josh and Tara Joseph Talk Finding Purpose

Josh and Tara, we’re thrilled to have you on our platform and we think there is so much folks can learn from you and your story. Something that matters deeply to us is living a life and leading a career filled with purpose and so let’s start by chatting about how you found your purpose.
Tara: That has kind of evolved over time from when we first started. BPH became our holding company and really our culture.

It all started with Edgehill Music Publishing. That was really to get our foot in the music industry. It was about just bringing incredible talent in and helping to facilitate getting their songs into the world. As that developed, we realized people were coming to us from all over asking us different questions about business aspects in general.

So, it went from just being able to have a purpose of helping musicians and artists in the music industry to how can we help different aspects of people and business in general? We ended up building out what is now Big Plan Holdings in so many different areas because we realized that we actually had a purpose of being able to help facilitate growing businesses and give them advice. With that, we continued to realize that our business had endless possibilities. That’s how all the verticals ended up happening in our business because we realized all these different opportunities were coming to us, and now we were able to develop off those.

The purpose is just growing.

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