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August 16, 2023
Big Plan Holdings Partners With Silver Therapeutics in $35 Million Acquisition Stake of Cannabis, Commercial Real Estate Operations in Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont

Big Plan Holdings (BPH), a diversified family holding company with cross-sector investments in cannabis, real estate, music, entertainment, professional sports, and hospitality, has announced a strategic partnership with Silver Therapeutics, a New England based, locally owned and operated cultivation and dispensary business, on a mission to help communities around the region and across the country achieve their wellness and enjoyment goals through the use of high quality cannabis.

The companies have partnered in BPH overseeing the acquisition of New England cannabis commercial real estate activities and overarching cannabis enterprise operations, particularly across the Maine, Massachusetts and Vermont marketplaces, however, with a view to expand their reach across the United States, where market conditions are conducive, with a primary focus on the Northeast. The partnership will see Big Plan Holdings (BPH) take a shared ownership stake across all of the operations and properties respective to each State, roughly amounting to $35 million USD.

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