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Edgehill Music Publishing

Edgehill Music Publishing, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Edgehill Music Productions, was founded in 2019 by Josh and Tara Joseph.  Edgehill Music Productions is a fully-diversified music and entertainment investment company focused on an array of industry-related opportunities.  Edgehill has made direct investments in songwriters, artist development including production and live performances, cannabis-related branding, technology platforms, and various other mediums.

Edgehill operates as a full-service boutique publishing company maximizing economic and creative growth for all of its partners.  We are here as a family and will provide the platform, relationships, and overall opportunities to support creatives. Edgehill Music Publishing’s HQ features a state of the art 2200 sq. ft studio. Designed and constructed by Niles Acoustics & Design, our studio includes 4 production suites, 2 iso booths, 2 writing rooms, a common area, and single-wall bar. Each room is floating independently so producers/writers/artists can work within a few feet of each other and have zero interruptions. All audio is interconnected and provides a seamless workflow between suites/booths.