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amulet society


the amulet society is a non-stationary, collaborative, social organization to help empower women achieve their utmost professional, philanthropic, and personal goals. think sorority for adults...cute, right?

we provide women with a built-in social calendar of events three times a year where nothing is taboo, and we encourage that free-spirited side of women they often shy away from. it is our hope that the amulet society will give women something to look forward to when they need it most. our events will offer the necessary r&r that every boss lady deserves but does not often take.

all women 21 and up are welcome. bring on all the female CEOs, stay-at-home mamas, recently retired sorority girls, and every fabulous lady in between. no one is ever too old or too busy for some quality girl time -- trust us, we all need it every once in a while. the world is a better place because of the badass females that are in it, and we look forward to our time together where we celebrate each and every one of them.

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American Paint houses an unforgettable experience where you design your own hat from start to finish. As an American Dreamer, you pick from all sorts of shapes, colors, bands, and feathers to design a one-of-a-kind statement piece truly unique to you. With the help of one of our incredibly talented staff members, your greatest creative vision will shortly come to life.


American Paint is the perfect place to take your friends, your partner, and your bachelorette party if you want to cross something off your Nashville Must-Do bucket list! Come sip some bourbon, put on your creative hat, and live out your American Dream!

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INVESTMENT: Big Plan Holdings partnered with Tyler Minor winter of 2020. 

Tyler attended fashion school where he graduated with a degree in fashion design and merchandising. Soon after, Tyler found himself working under and with some of the most influential stylists and photographers throughout the United States. 

Tyler’s keen eye for detail and ability to take abstract ideas and bring them to life landed his name and work in many renowned publications such as Vogue, Inside Weddings Magazine, The Knot, Martha Stewart Weddings, Elegant Magazine, iMute Magazine, Country Weekly Magazine, and many others.  

His talent has also landed him jobs with clients and celebrities such as HBO, Amazon, Zappos, Dillard's, Trisha Yearwood, The Food Network, The Swon Brothers, Big and Rich, Jesse James Decker, Eric Decker, Motley Crue, Thompson Square, Ruby Amanfu, and  Rascal Flatts just to name a few. 

Tyler has the ability to elevate you and/or your brand through creative direction, fashion, wardrobe, and product styling. He is dedicated to giving you exceptional service and enjoys building personal relationships with clients to help create their image. 

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INVESTMENT: We’re happy to take the middle seat in snacking. Our priority is tasty snacks with better ingredients for an indulgent moment. The people we care about pleasing are the people looking to munch on something real and delicious: that’s you.

We’re big on real food. That’s why we’re all about creating snacks that aren’t like the others—exciting flavor combos, a unique crunch, surprising sweetness. We’re always cooking up something new so you don’t have to settle for something ordinary. Come explore our way of snacking with us.